Pictures from Fukushima

This is a bit outdated news, but it’s better than not mentioning.

A photojournalist Takashi Morizumi posted a few photos taken in the evacuation zone in Fukushima last month. Click the links below to see them.

Nov11th Anti-nuclear occupy Tokyo

11.11 Anti-Nuke Occupy Tokyo by Millions and many other protests and rallies were held all over Japan last weekend.

Here are some pictures from Tokyo.

【(cc)Naomi TOYODA / JVJA】

【(cc)Ryuichi HIROKAWA】

To see more aerial shots by two photojournalists, Naomi Toyoda and Ryuichi Hirokawa, please go to Fotgazet. Those pictures are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.1 Japan.

Another photojournalist Takashi Morizumi captured actions on the ground as well. See his photos at his blog HERE.

Friday Anti-nuke Protest in Tokyo

A photojournalist Kuni Takahashi posts pictures of the anti-nuclear protest held every Friday in Tokyo and shares his thoughts on the anti-nuke movement in Japan.

“Nuclear protest Japanese-style” by Kuni Takahashi

170,000 people protest against nukes in Tokyo

(photo by Noda Masaya / JVJA)

170,000 people gathered in Tokyo to show their opposition to nuclear power plants on Monday according to the organizer of the rally.

Read the article by Common Dreams HERE.

Check out the photos taken by a photojournalist Munesuke Yamamoto HERE.

Also, you can see aerial photos and video of this massive protest HERE at Online PDF Magazine fotgazet. Pictures on the page are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.1 Japan License.

People never give up desipite Oi restart

A photojournalist Munesuke posted a couple of reports on the latest protests against restarting Oi Nuclear Power Plant.

This protest was in Fukui, the prefecture hosts Oi plant, on June 17th.

This was at the Japanese Prime Minister’s official residence in Tokyo on June 18th.

To learn more about the situation regarding Oi plant, Tokyo correspondent Justin McCury’s article HERE.