15,000 Goodbyes to Nukes in Fukuoka

About 15,000 people gathered in Fukuoka’s Maizuru Park to say NO to nuclear power plants and the Genkai Nuclear Power Plant in particular yesterday according to the organizer of “the Goodbye Nukes! 10,000 People’s Rally in Fukuoka”.

In addition to people from Kyushu and Yamaguchi, about 300 groups from South Korea participated in the protest.

This was the largest anti-nuclear plants event ever held in Kyushu, reported Ryukyu Shimpo, Okinawa’s local newspaper.

Here’s some video coverages in English:


6.11 No Nukes Action – Kyushu & Okinawa Edition


Stop Nuclear Power Plants Action in Fukuoka
1:00PM Gather at Kego Park in Fukuoka-City


Bye Bye Nuclear Power Plants
2:00PM Gather at Shirakawa Park in Kumamoto-City


We Don’t Need Nuclear Power Plants in Kagoshima
1:00pm Gather at Ten Park in Kagoshima-City


One Million People No-Nuke Action in Okinawa
2:30PM Gather at Bunka Tenbusu-kan Plaza in Naha

“Nuclear Power Plants are Wrong” Children’s Parade in Naha
6:00PM Gather in front of the prefecture office
The event will be canceled if it rains.

May 21st No Nukes Protest in Kagoshima

There will be a protest against nuclear power plants in Kagoshima on May 21st. Kagoshima Prefecture in Kyushu has the Sendai Nuclear Power Plant. The power plant has two reactors, and the Kyushu Electric Power Company is planning to build the third reactor.

“We Don’t Need Nuclear Power Plants Parade in Kagoshima”
May 21st, 2011
1:00pm Ten Park in Kagoshima-City

More info: http://no-nukes.net/ (Japanese)