Dec. 10th anti-nuke protest in Kochi

This is a month old story, but here’s a clip from the anti-nuclear protest in Kochi, Japan with English subtitles.


6.11 No Nukes Action – Shikoku Edition


sound DEMO Goodbye Nukes in Shikoku
1:30PM Gather at Horinouchi Park in Matsuyama


6.11 No Nukes 100 million People Action in Kochi
10:30AM Gather at Marunouchiryokuchi Park in Kochi
Facebook Page (in English)


6.11 No Nukes 100 million People Action in Kagawa
12:50PM JR Takamatsu Station in Takamatsu

“Japan Without Nuclear Power Plants” Protest in Kochi

On April 29th, a demonstration called “Japan Without Nuclear Power Plants” was held in Kochi, Japan.

Don’t forget to turn on English subtitles.