People never give up desipite Oi restart

A photojournalist Munesuke posted a couple of reports on the latest protests against restarting Oi Nuclear Power Plant.

This protest was in Fukui, the prefecture hosts Oi plant, on June 17th.

This was at the Japanese Prime Minister’s official residence in Tokyo on June 18th.

To learn more about the situation regarding Oi plant, Tokyo correspondent Justin McCury’s article HERE.

Japan State-Wide Nuclear Restart on the Horizon

Reactor approval meeting moved to private venue after anti-nuclear protests

By Common Dreams staff
June 11th, 2012

In Japan on Sunday, a local nuclear safety commission effectively approved the restart of two nuclear reactors at the Oi nuclear plant in the Fukui prefecture, a necessary step likely to prompt a stamp of approval by the local government.

Full article HERE

One Year Anniversary Events on Mar. 11th (West)



“3.11 Goodbye Nuclear Power Plants Fukui People’s Rally in Tsuruga”
@Plaza Bansho in Tsuruga
opens 11:30
parade 16:00
URL: (in Japanese)


“Goodbye Nuclear Power Plants 3.11 Kansai A Million Peoples’ Action”
@Nakanoshima Park area in Osaka
opens 10:30
demonstrations starts 13:55, 14:55 depending on the routes
URL: (in Japanese)


“3.11 Stop Ikata”
@COMS in Matsuyama

starts 13:30
@Matsuyama-City Station

starts 16:30
URL: (in Japanese)


“Abolish Nuclear Power Plants 3.11 in Kochi”
@Marunouchi Ryokuchi Park in Kochi-shi
starts 14:00
URL: (in Japanese)


“Goodbye Nukes in Fukuoka”
@Suzaki Park in Fukuoka-shi
rally 13:30
demonstration 14:30
URL: (in Japanese)