One Year Anniversary Events on Mar. 11th (West)



“3.11 Goodbye Nuclear Power Plants Fukui People’s Rally in Tsuruga”
@Plaza Bansho in Tsuruga
opens 11:30
parade 16:00
URL: (in Japanese)


“Goodbye Nuclear Power Plants 3.11 Kansai A Million Peoples’ Action”
@Nakanoshima Park area in Osaka
opens 10:30
demonstrations starts 13:55, 14:55 depending on the routes
URL: (in Japanese)


“3.11 Stop Ikata”
@COMS in Matsuyama

starts 13:30
@Matsuyama-City Station

starts 16:30
URL: (in Japanese)


“Abolish Nuclear Power Plants 3.11 in Kochi”
@Marunouchi Ryokuchi Park in Kochi-shi
starts 14:00
URL: (in Japanese)


“Goodbye Nukes in Fukuoka”
@Suzaki Park in Fukuoka-shi
rally 13:30
demonstration 14:30
URL: (in Japanese)

6.11 No Nukes Action – Shikoku Edition


sound DEMO Goodbye Nukes in Shikoku
1:30PM Gather at Horinouchi Park in Matsuyama


6.11 No Nukes 100 million People Action in Kochi
10:30AM Gather at Marunouchiryokuchi Park in Kochi
Facebook Page (in English)


6.11 No Nukes 100 million People Action in Kagawa
12:50PM JR Takamatsu Station in Takamatsu

Petition: Stop IKATA Nuclear Power Plant

Sign the online petition HERE

The PDF download is HERE


The second deadline is May 31st, 2011.

!! Request for Urgent Signatures !! Stop IKATA Nuclear Power Plant

To: Tokihiro Nakamura, Governor of Ehime Prefecture


Object of Demand

“Nuclear reactors are protected by 5 layers of walls.” “Earthquakes of any scale are within our calculations. We are convinced that no earthquakes or Tsunamis would have any effects on the reactors,” are the statements repeatedly presented by Ehime prefecture and Shikoku Electric Power Company. We have, however, witnessed that all of these words were all too soon swallowed up by the recent Tsunamis, throwing us into a state of irreparable devastation. The crippled Fukushima Nuclear Power plant has forced upon us days of the great anxiety and terrors.

As if to say that the accidents were a ‘natural calamity,’ the government and the company have shamelessly tried to evade their responsibility and maintained their excuse that it was ‘beyond calculation.’ Among earthquakes that hit the coastal areas in Japan, there was the Meiji Sanriku earthquake in 1896, some 100 years ago, which caused tsunamis that registered as high as 10 or 20 meters. The sized of the earthquake this time is, therefore, not unprecedented and could naturally expected to recur. The power company which ‘deliberately didn’t calculate’, should assume a greater responsibility, as we have to admit that the current disaster at the nuclear plant is nothing but a ‘man-made’ one.

There are earthquakes in ‘Tokai (eastern sea area),’ ‘Tonankai (southeastern sea area)’ and ‘Nankai’ (Southern sea area), all of which are potential regions that are likely to connect with the latest earthquakes in the Northeastern region, and off Ikata there is a class A zone of active faulting. In Ikata, the plant’s No.3 reactor is, like the Fukushima No.3 reactor, an extremely dangerous MOX fuel power generation, which was forcibly introduced and is now being operated. Thus, we are exposed to terrifying dangers ‘beyond calculation’ to come.

We are outraged and sad to live in a country whose government hides true information from us and to see the government and its scholars who keep lying to us by saying, “The current radioactivity level will have no direct effects on our body.”

The former governor, Moriyuki Kato, and the current governor, Tokihiro Nakamura, have insisted on their opinion, saying, “We trust the government screening and we will follow the government policy.” However, we don’t want to sacrifice ourselves for the profit of the power company and the tactics of the government at the risk of a nuclear disaster. Ehime Prefecture should admit its error in its safety assessment, and immediately stop the Ikata Nuclear Power plant for the sake of our children, generations to come and all life on the earth. We urge the Ehime Prefectural Governor who is authorized to take this measure, to do so.