2013 Chernobyl Day

The following statement is from www.chernobyl-day.org.

In the world today, thirty-one countries are using nuclear power to produce energy, which represents more than 400 reactors. How many people do know that a chain of dirty, pollutant and uncontrolled fuels hides behind nuclear plants, which is described as “virtuous cycle” by the nuclear industry?

Each step of this chain generates considerable radioactive pollutions, leads to incessant dangerous transports, exposes the population to extreme risks and produces nuclear waste that stays radioactive and dangerous for millions of years.

Together, let’s prevent the nuclear industry from poisoning our lives and break the nuclear chain!

From Friday 26th to Sunday 28th of April 2013
3 days of action
to highlight the uranium road

For more information, go to www.chernobyl-day.org.

One Year Anniversary Events on Mar. 11th (Central)



“Goodbye Nuclear Power Plants in Nagano”
@Matsumoto Castle Park in Matsumoto
rally 14:00
demonstration 15:00
URL: http://no-genpatu.com/ (in Japanese)


“3.11 Goodbye Nuclear Power Plants in Aichi”
@Hisaya Shimin Plaza in Sakae, Nagoya
opens 11:00
rally 13:00
URL: http://311aichi.net/ (in Japanese)


“human ERROR No Nukes Parade in Yokkaichi”
@Unomori Park in Yokkaichi
rally 14:00
parade 15:00
URL: http://goodbyenppfmt.blog.fc2.com/ (in Japanese)

To find out more events, go to nonukes.jp

For the events around the globe, take a look at Beyond Nuclear.

One Year Anniversary Events on Mar. 11th (West)



“3.11 Goodbye Nuclear Power Plants Fukui People’s Rally in Tsuruga”
@Plaza Bansho in Tsuruga
opens 11:30
parade 16:00
URL: http://goodbyenppfmt.blog.fc2.com/ (in Japanese)


“Goodbye Nuclear Power Plants 3.11 Kansai A Million Peoples’ Action”
@Nakanoshima Park area in Osaka
opens 10:30
demonstrations starts 13:55, 14:55 depending on the routes
URL: http://homepage3.nifty.com/skroba/robaeven.htm (in Japanese)


“3.11 Stop Ikata”
@COMS in Matsuyama

starts 13:30
@Matsuyama-City Station

starts 16:30
URL: http://www.ikata-tomeru.jp/ (in Japanese)


“Abolish Nuclear Power Plants 3.11 in Kochi”
@Marunouchi Ryokuchi Park in Kochi-shi
starts 14:00
URL: http://nacks-kochi.blogspot.com/ (in Japanese)


“Goodbye Nukes in Fukuoka”
@Suzaki Park in Fukuoka-shi
rally 13:30
demonstration 14:30
URL: http://0311fuk.blog.fc2.com/ (in Japanese)

One Year Anniversary Events on Mar. 11th (East)



“No Nuclear Power Plants! 3.11 Fukushima People’s Rally”
@Kaiseiyama Baseball Stadium in Koriyama
opens 12:00
starts 13:00
URL: http://fukushima-kenmin311.jp/ (in Japanese)


“3.11 Goodbye Nuclear Power Plants Action”
@Takasaki Joshi Park (by the Takasaki City Hall)
starts 11:00
URL: http://eejan.sblo.jp/ (in Japanese)


“3.11 Tokyo March”
@Hibiya Park Chuko-mon (backside of Tokyo Metropolitan Hibiya Public Hall)
starts 14:00
URL: http://coalitionagainstnukes.jp/ (in Japanese)

“3.11 Action in front of TEPCO!!”
URL: http://toudenmaeaction.blogspot.com/

“Goodbye Nukes Itabashi Walk”
@Itabashi-ku Heiwa Park
Rally starts 13:00
Demmonstration starts 13:50
URL: http://20120311.nonukes-itabashi.net/ (in Japanese)


“Shonan Peace Walk”
@Yukoji Temple in Fujisawa
starts 14:15
URL: http://shonan911.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/ (in Japanese)

One Year Anniversary Events on Mar. 10th

There are many events that have been planned for one year anniversary of 3/11 this weekends in Japan. Here’s some of them scheduled on March 10th.



“3.10 Goodbye Nuclear Power Plants Action in Aichi”
Hisaya Odori Park’s Hisaya Square in Sakae, Nagoya
Opens 13:00
Rally starts 15:00
Demonstration 16:00
URL: http://blog.goo.ne.jp/611aichi (in Japanese)


“Bye-Bye Nuclear @ Kyoto!”
Maruyama Park in Kyoto-shi
Opens 12:00
Rally starts 14:00
Demonstration starts 14:45
URL: http://atomausstieg-action.jimdo.com/ (in Japanese)



“3.11 Chiba Action”
Yoshikawa Park in Chiba-shi
Rally starts 13:30
Demonstration starts 14:00
URL: http://blog.goo.ne.jp/chiba20110507/(in Japanese)


“It’s Love. humanERROR A Million People Parade in Kobe”
Meriken Park
in Kobe
Rally 12:00-15:00
Parade 15:00-16:00
URL: http://sayogenkobe.blog.fc2.com/(in Japanese)


“Goodbye Nukes 10 Million People Action in Yanai”
Sun Beam Yanai
in Yanai-shi
opens 13:00
Rally starts 13:30
Parade starts 15:30
URL: http://ameblo.jp/1000mannin-yanai/

The Global Conference For a Nuclear Power Free World

Global Conference for a Nuclear Power Free World
There will be an anti-nuclear power conference in Yokohama, Kanagawa next month.

Date: January 14-15, 2012
Venue: PACIFICO Yokohama – PACIFIC Convention Plaza Yokohama Minato Mirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Japan

Check out its website for more info: http://npfree.jp/english.html

11/13 Goobye Nukes in Fukuoka

Nov 13th Goodbye Nukes in FukuokaThere will be a big anti-nukes event in Fukuoka this coming Sunday. It’s been organized by the people from Kyushu, Okinawa, and South Korea. They called it as the Fukuoka 10,000 People Rally.

Here’s the info:

where: Maizuru Park in Fukuoka-City
when: Opens @ 10AM, November 13th
the stage program starts @ 1PM
the demonstration starts @ 2PM
more info: http://www.goodbye-nukes.com/