One Year Anniversary Events on Mar. 10th

There are many events that have been planned for one year anniversary of 3/11 this weekends in Japan. Here’s some of them scheduled on March 10th.



“3.10 Goodbye Nuclear Power Plants Action in Aichi”
Hisaya Odori Park’s Hisaya Square in Sakae, Nagoya
Opens 13:00
Rally starts 15:00
Demonstration 16:00
URL: (in Japanese)


“Bye-Bye Nuclear @ Kyoto!”
Maruyama Park in Kyoto-shi
Opens 12:00
Rally starts 14:00
Demonstration starts 14:45
URL: (in Japanese)



“3.11 Chiba Action”
Yoshikawa Park in Chiba-shi
Rally starts 13:30
Demonstration starts 14:00
URL: Japanese)


“It’s Love. humanERROR A Million People Parade in Kobe”
Meriken Park
in Kobe
Rally 12:00-15:00
Parade 15:00-16:00
URL: Japanese)


“Goodbye Nukes 10 Million People Action in Yanai”
Sun Beam Yanai
in Yanai-shi
opens 13:00
Rally starts 13:30
Parade starts 15:30


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