Fukushima Children Arrive in Okinawa to Spend Summer

July 27th, 2011

Fukushima children arrived in Naha, Okinawa yesterday to spend summer, reported Ryukyu Shimpo. According to the local daily, Okinawa’s Youth Hostel Association launched a project to invite children in Fukushima to spend summer in Okinawa for about a month, and 111 students from elementary to high schools participating in the project came to Okinawa. They will stay in the Okinawa International Youth Hostel in Naha.

One of supporters of the project from Fukushima-City told the daily, “Because of radioactive contamination by the nuclear accident, children wearing masks and long-sleeves had been studying in classrooms with all windows closed.” She said with teary eyes, “They can take off masks and breathe the air big. They can eat without worries and play outside a lot. I really appreciate it.”


Pictures—Ten Oldest U.S. Nuclear Plants: Post-Japan Risks

Pictures—Ten Oldest U.S. Nuclear Plants: Post-Japan Risks.

  • Oyster Creek, New Jersey, September 1969
  • Nine Mile Point Unit 1, New York, November 1969
  • R.E. Ginna, New York, December 1969
  • Dresden Units 2 and 3, Illinois, April 1970 and July 1971
  • H.B. Robinson Unit 2, South Carolina, September 1970
  • Point Beach Unit 1, Wisconsin, November 1970
  • Palisades, Michigan, December 1971
  • Monticello, Minnesota, March 1971
  • Quad Cities Unit 1, Illinois, April 1972

via National Geographic

July 23rd Rally for Decommissioning Hamaoka

There will be a rally for decommissioning the Hamaoka nuclear power plant in Shizuoka tomorrow, July 23rd. It’s called the HIMAWARI (meaning sunflower in Japanese) Rally.

when: 10AM July 23rd
opening @10AM
rally starts @11AM
parade starts @12AM
ends around 1PM

where: Sunpu Park in Shizuoka-City (map)
10mins walk from JR Shizuoka Station. The park is right next to the prefecture office.

IPS: Aftershocks Hit Single Fathers

Aftershocks Hit Single Fathers

By Suvendrini Kakuchi

TOKYO, Jul 12, 2011 (IPS) – In a matter of minutes on Mar. 11, 33-year-old Hiroshi Yoshida became a widower and a single father, as the massive tsunami swept over his home in Rikuzentakata in northern Japan and took away his wife and younger son.

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Fukushima cleanup recruits ‘nuclear gypsies’ from across Japan

UK Guardian’s Tokyo correspondent Justin McCurry reports on the cleanup workers at the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant.

Fukushima cleanup recruits ‘nuclear gypsies’ from across Japan

Thousands of engineers and labourers have been lured by higher wages and a sense of duty
July 13th, 2011

Radiation Monitoring by Days Japan

A photojournalism magazine Days Japan is monitoring the radiation level around the neighborhood of its office in Tokyo.

Monitoring Equipment:
RKS-01 STORA-TU (made in Ukraine) monitors gamma rays
unit: microsievert/hour (μSv/h)

Monitoring Hours:
1. 10:00-10:59AM Weekdays
2. 5:00-5:59PM Weekdays

Monitoring Locations:
1. in front of Days Japan Office (Setagaya-ku, Tokyo); concrete surface; outside; 1 meter and 1 centimeter above the ground
2. the main gate of Izumi Campus at Meiji University (Suginami-ku, Tokyo); soil; outside; 1 meter and 1 centimeter above the ground
3. the main gate of Izumi Campus at Meiji University (Suginami-ku, Tokyo); concrete; outside; 1 meter and 1 centimeter above the ground

(updated on July 13th)

JULY 13TH (10AM / 5PM)
Days Japan
1m: 0.14/0.12
1cm: 0.14/0.13
Meiji Uni (concrete)
1m: 0.16/0.18
1cm: 0.16/0.18
Meiji Uni (soil)
1m: 0.18/0.16
1cm: 0.19/0.17

JULY 12TH (10AM / 5PM)
Days Japan
1m: 0.12/
1cm: 0.13/
Meiji Uni (concrete)
1m: 0.16/0.14
1cm: 0.16/0.16
Meiji Uni (soil)
1m: 0.18/0.18
1cm: 0.18/0.19
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