Cattle Farmer in Fukushima Killed Himself

On June 10th, a cattle farmer in Soma-City, Fukushima committed suicide. He wrote his last words on the wall of his empty dairy.

A photojournalist Takashi Morizumi posted the pictures of the wall taken by Kenichi Hasegawa on his blog.

The top picture reads, “If we didn’t have nuclear power plants.”

On the left side of the bottom picture:
“Thank you very much [to his sister]. You had been taken care of me for a long time. My [unreadable] was exceeded. 1:30PM, June 10th, 2011. I’m sorry. Please pay to the carpenters with the insurance money.”

On the right side:
“I think if we just didn’t have nuclear power plants. The remaining cattle farmers, please don’t give up, don’t get defeated by the nuclear power plant. I’m sorry, I’m going away. I lost motivation to work.”

Not on these pictures, but he also left the following words:
“I’m sorry [to his wife and two children]. As a father, I couldn’t do anything for you. I’m sorry for my late parents.”

He was in his 50s and used to farm around 30 cows.