Report from Iitate: the Farewell

A photojournalist Takashi Morizumi documents the last days of Iitate cattle farmers in the village. On May 28th, 12 families got together and held a goodbye party. Click the links below to see the pictures.

Mr. Shiga, his wife, and their cat in their dairy.
Their cows were gone. The couple moved to an apartment for evacuation, but they couldn’t take their cat because the pets were not allowed. They had lost their cows and had to leave their cat as well because of the nuclear power plant disaster. ”Such an unjust thing must not be tolerated,” writes the photographer.

The photojournalist took the cat to Tokyo, and fortunately, a new foster parent was found. She came from Hokkaido to Tokyo to receive the cat. Mr. Morizumi said in his blog that he will report the cat’s new life in Hokkaido.