Petition to Protect the Children of Fukushima

This petition is via FUKUSHIMA UPDATE.


Concerned by high radiation levels in Fukushima prefecture, Japanese citizens’ groups are calling for more government action to protect residents from long-term health risks.

In the domestic petition, to be submitted in early July, the groups insist on more extensive evacuation from highly contaminated areas, measurement of residents’ internal radiation exposure, dismissal of a Fukushima health advisor and strict adherence to a 1mSv limit for public radiation exposure.

Aileen Mioko Smith of Green Action Japan summarizes the petition’s demands:

  1. In areas with particularly high levels of radiation, promote short-term or long-term evacuation and close schools early for summer recess. Give top priority to the relocation of infants, children, and expectant mothers.
  2. Monitor regularly the degree of internal exposure for all Fukushima residents, including children, using whole-body counters.
  3. Dismiss Shunichi Yamashita, professor at the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Nagasaki University, from his dual positions as advisor to Fukushima prefecture on health-risk management for nuclear radiation and member of the prefecture’s Health-Management Investigation Committee.
  4. Adhere strictly to the legal annual radiation limit of 1 milliSievert. Compute the radiation dose based on total cumulative radiation, internal and external. Revoke the current provisional annual limit of 20 milliSieverts.

Full text of the petition (English translation), PDF


Although the description above said that it’s “the domestic petition”, but anyone can sign it. If you are living outside Japan, you can just fill it out online in English HERE.

The image below shows you how you can fill out the online petition. (click to enlarge)
how to fill out the petition

The large box, which is not showing on the image, at the bottom of the petition page is the space for you to write a message to the Japanese government. It’s not required to fill out.

After you finish, hit the “送信” button right under the large box. Yes, it’s right above “Powered by Google”. You are done.

1st Deadline: June 20th
2nd Deadline: June 30th
Final Deadline: July 5th
(in Japan time)

Again, this petition is currently ONLY AVAILABLE IN JAPANESE. I’m not sure if they will post English one anytime soon.

So, Here’s how you can sign it.


  1. Go to the petition site by clicking HERE.
  2. Type YOUR FULL NAME in the first boxed field. (Required)
  3. Type YOUR FULL NAME again in the second box. (Required)
  4. Type YOUR PREFECTURE in the third box if you are living in Japan. If you are living outside of Japan, type YOUR CITY OR STATE and COUNTRY. (Required)
  5. Type YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS in the fourth box. (Optional)
  6. Type YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS again for the confirmation in the fifth box if you filled out in #5.
  7. Would you like to receive updates in Japanese from them? If yes, check the top circle. If no, check the bottom circle. (Optional)
  8. In the last box at the bottom, you can write a message to the Japanese government. (Optional)
  9. Hit the “送信” button at the bottom right above “Powered by Google”.

So, #1 through #4 and #9 are the required steps to sign this petition. Please refer to the image posted on this blog entry to see the visual instruction. If you have a problem signing it, please write on the comment section.


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  1. js says:

    Trying to click on the English link but it still takes me to a petition in Japanese. I would like to sign it!

    • OdC says:

      Hi, it’s only available in Japanese. I added the written instruction to the blog post. I hope this will help you to sign it. If you still have a problem, please let me know.

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