Watch June 11th No Nuke Actions on the Web

June 11 One Million People No-Nuke Action Complete Broadcasting Project has begun.


What is the “Complete Broadcasting Project”?

On June 11th, it will be precisely 3 months since the disaster. There will be no-nuke demonstrations and gatherings throughout Japan.

On that day, Independent Web Journal (IWJ) and OurPlanet-TV will hold a “6/11 Citizens Broadcast Action” with the support of citizen volunteers in various places around the country. Since the mass media doesn’t report them, we will show the citizen’s actions taking place on that day.

We are presently putting together information on the events occurring across the country and are also seeking “citizen broadcasters” to participate in this action. We have already collected a large amount of information from around the country.

On June 11th, through media like Ustream and Skype, we will broadcast both the various guests invited to speak at the main event in Tokyo, in addition to live footage from demonstrations occurring all across Japan.

Would you too like to participate in this project?

1. The footage itself will be viewable at the below link.

Please comment as much as possible through Twitter etc.

What you write will give courage to people living in Japan.

2. Please also send a message for June 11th using the box below.

Please try out the new media and participate in our project.


6 thoughts on “Watch June 11th No Nuke Actions on the Web

  1. aview999 says:

    Thank you for having this. I was wondering when does THIS start? Thank you.

    • OdC says:

      Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, the live webcast had been already ended by the time you posted your comment. I’ll post some interesting videos from the demonstrations across the nation and the rest of the world.

  2. xdrfox says:

    Yes !

    We support you people of Japan, we are very worried about your well being and your children, come join us at

    the truth is the way, not the lies they tell you !

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