6.11 No Nukes Action – Tokyo Edition

no nukes poster

The June 11th No Nukes Action is happening in almost all prefectures in Japan. In Tokyo, there are more than a dozen events have been planned.

Here are some of the protests on June 11th:

No Nukes Demo in Shinjuku
2:00PM Gather at Shinjuku Central Part

6.11 Shinjuku ALTA-Mae Action
6:00-8:00PM at Shinjuku Higashiguchi ALTA-Mae

The 3rd Energy Shift Parade in Shibuya
2:00PM Gather at Yoyogi Park (near CC Lemon Hall crossing)

6.11 Rally & Demo @ Shiba Park
1:00PM Gather at Shiba Park #23 (MAP)

No Nukes “Edogawa Future Walk” in Edogawa-ku
12:00PM Gather at Kasai Station

No Nukes Nerima Action
10:00AM Gather at a park by Nerima Art Musium

Goodbye Nuclear Power Plants Slow Walk in Kodaira
10:45AM Gather at Rune Kodaira

What are you going to do with Nuclear Power Plants! Tama Walk in Kunitachi
1:45PM Gather at the South Gate of Hitotsubashi University

6.11 No Nukes Action in Machida
2:00PM Gather at a park by Machida Shimin Hall

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