TEPCO pays $2.7m for 21 advisers

The Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) announced that the company has currently 21 corporate advisers, and their total annual payment is 219 million yen (US$2.7m), according to Kyodo News. Four of them are former bureaucrats, 16 from TEPCO, and one from Japan Bank For International Cooperation.

11 of them will retire at the end of June, and current President Masataka Shimizu, Executive Vice President Sakae Muto, and one other person will join this group of advisers, but they would not receive any payment. Advisers will be total 13, and their total payment will be 98 million yen (US$1.2m).

http://www.47news.jp/CN/201105/CN2011052101000840.html (in Japanese)