Sign the Petiton to Roll Back “20mSv” Limits

In the last petition campaign, 53,193 people and 1074 organizations from 61 countries signed the petition against this “20 milisievert/year” standard imposed by the Japanese government.

Now, the groups organized the last campaign introduced a NEW petition. So, please sign it even if you did it the last time.

Here’s the words from the blog FUKUSHIMA UPDATE:

Please sign this new EMERGENCY petition to roll back reckless radiation limits and protect hundreds of thousands of Japanese children from a lifetime of cancer fear.

Japan’s people desperately need help for common sense to prevail so their children are safe from radiation exposure. Thank you for taking the time to show your support. After you sign the petition, you will receive a confirmation email. To complete your action, click the link in the email to confirm your signature.

We the undersigned ask you to join us in signing our petition, which will be presented to the Japanese Government.

Sign the petition HERE

After you signed, PLEASE spread the word.