REPORT: 5/7&8 Anti-Nukes Protests

Despite scattered rains, more than 10,000 people marched against nuclear power plants in Tokyo last weekend. Two protesters were arrested (see the video below).

To see more videos from the 5.7 demo in Shibuya, check out HERE.

In Kobe, around 450 people came to protest according to the organizer. They raised 75,000 yen (roughly US$940) for Tohoku people.

In Fukuoka, around 1,200 people showed up to say no to nuclear power plants according to the organizer.

At the Shibuya demonstration, four protesters were arrested. Two of them have been released already, but the other two have been still detained at Harajuku and Yoyogi Police Stations as of May 9th.

Please see the detail HERE.