Moms to Save Children from Radiation

Please help! Children in Fukushima are at risk!

published by Moms to Save Children from Radiation (MSCR)

The area within 20 km radius of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant was designated as a “caution zone”, where people are prohibited by law from setting foot. There is however no evacuation instruction yet issued for the areas near this zone, so that children go to school every day just as before.

Recently, the Ministry of Education announced the following statement for 13 schools in the cities of Fukushima, Koriyama and Date:

1) When air dose rate on their schoolyard and playground is below 20mSv / year or 3.8μSv / hour, outdoor activities are “safe” so that the facilities can be used as usual.
2) For the facilities exposed to the dose rate exceeding the level set as above, outdoor activities should be limited to one hour per day and kindergartens and daycare centers should not allow their children to play in the sandbox..

The threshold established by the Ministry of Education for children is higher than for the area currently subject to planned evacuation and six times higher than for the “radiation controlled area”. Besides, this threshold of 20msv/year was found to be equal to the upper limit of exposure rate for nuclear power plant workers in Germany.

Read the entire press release here


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  2. ShikiGami says:

    Their concern is retarded, nowhere in japan radiation levels are of 3.8μSv/hour or above.
    The regulation wasn’t aimed to a 20mSv / year scale number, it was in the case of a rare temporary radiation increase event.
    This is why you shouldn’t hear to ignorant people talking about thinks they know nothing about.
    If you are concerned, ask a nuclear physicist.

    • jake says:

      Nuclear physicist…they will lie just like Tepco because they are paid to say its safe not find problems.. otherwise they would be labeled an activist.. its fine to tell others to live in a radiacative area.. but is is different when it is you and your young children.. fools do not question the official line.. just like sheep they follow… and we all know what happens to them..

  3. […] Gerard Mannig, a French antinuclear activist, also offered his home near Rouen, northern France, to those from Japan in need. “Priority must be given to the young because future generations depend on them,” he said. The four moms’ website […]

  4. The late Dr. Roy released the Roy Process to the Press in 1979 after the Three Mile Island partial meltdown. It became a worldwide Associated Press news story. Here is a video film of Dr. Roy.

    The Roy Process For Neutralizing Nuclear Waste: Part 3

    Arnie Gundersen and professor Chris Busby gave important talks about the
    permanent DNA damage we all have from 1945. All we can do is minimize
    exposure to invisible, deadly radiation.

    Digesting Undetectable Hot Particles From Fukushima –
    N.Hemisphere Softkill – Arnie Gundersen

    Dr Chris Busby on infertility risk around Fukushima, Japan, etc

  5. jake says:

    I think anybody who thinks there is no danger from these elevated radiation levels should do a house swap with those who are living in the Fukushima area with children, and have the Tepco directors and politicians who say it is safe move up there to….

    Just youtube children of chernobyl if you want to see what elevated radiation levels do..

  6. anonymous says:

    I am sorry to say that, it is really good to ask for lower level but in France a lot of people are thinking that the reality of level of radioactivity is 10 time worth or more, than what you have been told. Somes associations coming in Japon for mesures are really afraid that even Tokyo is no more a good place to live in . The best you could do to save your children is surely to leave your home and go south the more than you can.

  7. Professor Christopher Busby said the Chernobyl meltdown released 50 tons of lethal radioactive elements. He said Fukushima has 2000 tons! All you can do now, is minimize exposure to invisible radiation. Arnie Gundersen said that car air filters collect radiation and should be tested.

    Chernobyl disaster incident PART 8

    Pr. Christopher Busby – Infertility – Fukushima

  8. Stone Iwaasa says:

    The Mohawk Traditional Council has put on its web site the letter ( A Call to…IAEA … in Document Section) which, with a healing ceremony for victims and nature in Japan a day after the tsunami, was also quickly sent to the International Atomic Energy Agency in Geneva and Toronto branch. The Ka ien ke ha ka (Ga e ne gay ha ga) or People Who Spark the Mind or of the Flint in Eastern North America (holders of first treaty with Europeans – Two Row Wampum) – knew immediately that monetary and political priorities would trump the urgent need to care for the peoples and the land-water-air pollution. Now that Yukiya Amano from IAEA is in Japan this week it is critical to read again and forward this letter – and understand how we all must better recognize unborn generations and women rights through this. The Mohawk Traditional Council women of Kahnawake, one of whom with her 2 children canoed in protest of restarting of Gentilly 2 N Plant of Hydro Quebec on St. Lawrence River (June 26) – are also directing the community and men to clean up shoreline of local lake this Saturday, July 30 – in a gesture of respect for Mother Earth and those combating much worse pollutions. Tenie thi nonhweraton ne akwe kaniatarakeron (de ne tee noon ra dun nay agway ganaia da ra ra gerun. We give thanks to all the all the waters. Stone Iwaasa, Liaison, Mohawk Traditional Council

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