Save the Fukushima Children

Officials of the Nuclear Safety Commission and MEXT (4/21/2011)

Below are questions submitted by Japanese citizens after the 21 April meeting with the Nuclear Safety Commission administration and Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) concerning the Japanese government raising radiation permissible exposure standards for children twenty-fold from 1mSv a year to 20mSv a year. (12:30 ~ 13:45, House of Councillors Diet Office Building.)

There will be another meeting with the government after receiving answers to the following questions.

Some of the answers came in today, 22 April, but the content was insufficient.

It was confirmed today by the Mizuho Fukushima (House of Councillors parliamentarian, head of the Social Democratic Party) Diet office that the Nuclear Safety Commission has no minutes recording the deliberation leading to the decision of the “20mSv” standard.

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