Photo: Animals near Fukushima Daiichi

Freelance photojournalists continue to report from near Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. This is one example.

Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Report #8 from fotgazet
“Animals within the 20-kilometer-range from the nuclear power plant”
photos by Masaya Noda

Please check out the pictures here:
(Even if you cannot read Japanese, the pictures on the website are worth checking out.)

Photos from top
#1-2: Namie Town, 4/1/2011
#3: Minamisoma City, 4/18/2011
#4: Namie Town, 4/1/2011
#5-7: Minamisoma City, 4/18/2011

The photojournalist writes the following captions on the last three pictures:

When I got closer to a cow house, it smelled really badly. Inside the house, about 100 Holstein cows were dead from starvation. It was a too cruel scene.

There was a cow still alive. It couldn’t even stand up, and its excretion was all over. But, with all its strength, it turned towards me. And, it called faintly “moo moo”. It sounded like it was calling for help, but it might have been a voice of resentment against humans.

It put its chin down and breathed in deeply. It was the last breath. I faced cows’ mass death and was ashamed of mankind.