TEPCO’s hidden photos for press

This is a picture from Tokyo Electoric Company’s website. You can see other “official” pictures and videos here.

As you can see, the webpage called “Photos for Press” under “TEPCO News” is in English. As far as I know, there’s no equivalent page in Japanese. Also, it looks like the page is missing in TEPCO website’s Site Map. Can anyone find it?

Apparently, TEPCO is trying to hide this page from the public, especially from Japanese citizens. Why is TEPCO hiding these pictures? Any guess?

Contaminated Village: Iitate

A photojournalist Takashi Morizumi reports from Iitate Village, Fukushima.

Watching TV
The man on the picture watches TEPCO’s press conference about their road map. He says “I cannot believe this.” “The planned evacuation now? It’s too late.” (April 17th, 2011)
photo: http://mphoto.sblo.jp/article/44431054.html

A Cattle Farmer
A cattle farmer shows a radiation detector that has been distributed in the village.
“They said ‘please measure how much you received radiation.’ What is this for? This is to study how radiation affects us. We are like guinea pigs!” “Radiation has been very high since the beginning, but why didn’t they make us evacuate in the first place?”
“Even though they are saying about the planned evacuation, they don’t say anything about the compensation. We cannot evacuate like this!”
photo: http://mphoto.sblo.jp/article/44431128.html

Rotten spinach
Spinach in the picture was grown inside the greenhouse, and it was not directly affected by the contaminated air outside. However, no one would buy spinach from Iitate.
photo: http://mphoto.sblo.jp/article/44431907.html