Ex-nuclear engineer’s proposal – Mar29

A former nuclear power plant designer Yuzo Uehara tweeted the following:


Proposal 290130: To recover with equipment you have right now is very unlikely without having protection against radiation exposure. You need to know how much tsunami and hydrogen explosion pressure had. You need to have big picture thinking. Get closer from the buildings and access from the outside. To drain contaminated water, don’t you have a plan to bring a 1000-ton-class tanker, and send and stock the water there?

福島原発提言291430;私提言のカルバート工法第1期の放出とめ障害取り除くき最低限の復旧。先端は注水・汚染水・汚染瓦礫排除の可動式配管ノズ ル、クレーン等がカルバート内で遠隔操作。現地1週間完了目標。第2期本格的復旧は増設。地上宇宙ステーシヨンの様相に。

Proposal 291430: In my culvert method plan, stop discharge and remove the debris in the first stage. The minimum recovery. The forefront has a movable pipe nozzle to inject water, and remove contaminated water and debris. It is remote controlled by a crane from the inside of the culvert. The targeted period to complete this is a week. In the second stage, the full-scale recovery’s main objective is expansion. It’s like having a space station on the ground.


Proposal 291500: In the first stage, if we had an 1km-culvert, transportation, heavy machinery, resources, processing, and manpower cost about 2 billion yen. If we had 2km one, then 30% increase. In the second stage, the cost is about the same, but it gets increased by making the forefront more sophisticated. By publicizing the cost, I’d like to make it as the commitment to the public.