Protest against TEPCO and Japanese nuclear plant

March 27th

Protest against TEPCO and Japanese nuclear plant. (photos by Mitsu Maeda)

More than 1200 people protested against TEPCO and nuclear power plants in Tokyo.

The video by OurPlanet-TV (audio in Japanese)

There was also an anti-nuclear power plants protest in Nagoya on the same day, and the protesters demanded to shutdown the Hamaoka Nuclear Power Plant


One thought on “Protest against TEPCO and Japanese nuclear plant

  1. etudiant says:

    It is appropriate that the Japanese express their dismay publicly.
    They are being very poorly served by their political and industrial leadership.
    This nuclear disaster is only beginning. The essentially irrelevant finding of radioactive particles, including plutonium from the plant, in the water is a very local concern.
    A much larger problem is that the plant is emitting volatile radioactive compounds on an enormous scale, probably from exposed spent fuel. These emissions are about equal to the total emission from Chernobyl every 10 days. Thus far, they have mostly gone out to sea. Once the winds shift, they will contaminate much of Honshu with radioactive cesium dangerous for many decades. Cesium was also the problem that compelled the abandonment of a 30km area around Chernobyl.
    Given this reality, which can be verified here:
    and which reflects data globally collected every day for the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty monitoring, it is disastrous to plan for a multiple month or years effort to solve this problem. Japan’s heartland may be uninhabitable by that time.

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