fotgazet special edition

Online PDF Magazine fotgazet published its special edition. Japan Visual Journalists Association’s members went to Tohoku on the day after the earthquake tsunami hit. The magazine covers tsunami stricken areas and radiation contamination in Fukushima.

This edition’s download is free. Please go to its website and click the banner to download the PDF magazine. Although it’s in Japanese, pictures say tells the stories.


Protest against TEPCO and Japanese nuclear plant

March 27th

Protest against TEPCO and Japanese nuclear plant. (photos by Mitsu Maeda)

More than 1200 people protested against TEPCO and nuclear power plants in Tokyo.

The video by OurPlanet-TV (audio in Japanese)

There was also an anti-nuclear power plants protest in Nagoya on the same day, and the protesters demanded to shutdown the Hamaoka Nuclear Power Plant