Ex-nuclear engineer’s proposal Mar24

A former nuclear power plant engineer Yuzo Uehara posted the following tweets on March 24th.

福島原発対策240323;建物の中に入ると放射線被ばくは確実に十分の一に低減する。金属製コンテナ又はコンクリートのカルバート(トンネルのように回 りを覆う)とよい。鉛等を壁等張り付けると更に低減効果大。カルバートの中でなく、外の後ろでも遮蔽効果大。原発現地に設置したらよいです。

Proposal 240323: Radiation exposure decreases to 1/10 inside of a building for sure. A culvert (imagine a tunnel) made of metal containers or concrete would be good. Installing lead etc. on the walls would be more effective for reducing radiation. Not only inside of a culvert but also its back side has very good blocking effect. It’s better to install it at the nuclear power plant site.

福島原発対策2403242;テレビ報道でケーブル延線している方が被ばく。私提案のカルバート工法を応用すれば事故はふせげたと思う。緊急でこそ安全が 基本。建屋内では軽量なコンパクトカルバートを設置きすれば交代者や機材を適宜配置でき、安心確保こそ安全の基本。(確保)

Proposal 2403242: TV report said that workers extending cables had radiation exposure. If the culvert method, I proposed, had been applied, I think it could have been prevented from happening. Because it’s an emergency situation, safety is fundamental. If a small and compact culvert were installed inside the buildings, it allows us to put workers and equipment in place appropriately, and makes shifting easy. Giving reassurance is a fundamental of safety.

福島原発カルバート工法2403244;線量高い建屋内作業は線量管理との闘い。軽量コンパクトカルバートを10m間隔におき、移動退避・機材の置場に。 内面はビニールシート養生、鉛シートを外側オーニング。カルバートは配管で空気送り正圧維持。作業線量管理とはこれ。段取りしたら仕事早い。

Proposal 2403244: During the work inside the high radiation buildings, radiation management is key. Install small and compact culverts every 10m and make them the accessing path as well as a equipment yard. Cure plastic sheets inside and install awnings with lead sheets outside. Inside the culvert, the air is sent through the pipeline to keep positive pressure. This is the radiation management during the work. Setup makes the work quicker.


Tsunami hit area in Miyagi

A photojournalist Munesuke Yamamoto posted pictures taken in Natori, Miyagi Prefecture where Sendai Airport is located.

All the photos on the page were taken on March 15th.

Please go to fotgazet’s page to see them.