Interview with Plant Worker

There are number of independent journalists are in Tohoku to report from the ground. This is one of those stories.

A photojournalist Munesuke Yamamoto, who has been reporting from Tohoku, posted the following tweets around 1pm, March 20th local time.

I called the worker, who had been working at Fukushima Daiichi until the disaster happened. He hasn’t been called yet (by TEPCO). “Voices of the workers at the site haven’t come out. Please report the voice of the voiceless,” he said. “Nuclear power plants related news was taboo. That’s why TEPCO said it’s okay, it’s safe, and had built nuclear power plants with this positive image.

Since he had been working at the power plants all over Japan, he has good knowledge about the whole situation. He had been worried about the Unit 3 and 4. As I asked about the spent nuclear fuel rods, he knew that there were 5600 of them in the pool different from the ones in the Unit 1 through 6. He was worried because there was no information.

A number of the spent fuel rods in stock in Fukushima Daiichi is way more than other power plants’. Because there are 6 reactors, and They have been operating for long time. I was surprised by his words that TEPCO had been planing to build Unit 7 and 8 in Futaba where Fukushima Daiichi is located. My goodness!

Munesuke Yamamoto is a member of Japan Visual Journalist Association and an editor-in-chief of an online photo magazine “fotgazet“.