Proposal transaltion 181150

Yuzo Uehara’s proposal (tweet 181150)

福島原発への提言181150;予備変圧器活きて朗報。 さて念のためカルバート工法最終。ユニット最終端は鉛隔壁厚さ1m。真ん中直径50センチ機材搬出ハッチ、配管直径15センチ、配線直径3センチの貫通穴各1個のためペネトレーシヨン装置を設け外部に機材・配管・配線がだせる。(終)

(rough translation)
181150: Just in case, here’s the last part of the culvert method. The unit’s end has the lead bulkhead with 1m thick. In the center, install a penetration equipment for a equipment hatch with 50cm in diameter, a pipeline with 15cm in diameter, and a penetration hole for wiring with 3cm in diameter, then we can put equipment, a pipeline, and wiring outside. (End)


  • I’m not translating parts that are not related to his proposed method. He sometimes made some comments about the situation in Fukushima Daiichi at the time of tweeting.
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