Ex-engineer’s proposal to avoid the catastrophe

In Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant, the plant’s workers, Self Defense Force, and the police are risking their lives to cool down the reactors.

In order to avoid the catastrophe, an ex-nuclear plant designer with 30-year-experience named Yuzo Uehara is proposing his idea on Twitter (https://twitter.com/#/ueharams).

Here’s what he has proposed:

The Carrier/Cask Handling System: the cask is big enough for 5 people. 100 ton water tank. The vehicle with a water canon. A small generator and pump/hose. Fire ladder trucks. A large carrier. Bank protection creasing or from the land. Get closer to the fuel pool and work.
When radiation drops, make a culvert as an accessing pathway with lead lining. At the same time, we work on very high radiation pool. Inside the 100 tons cask, place 80 tons 2m thick lead and concrete wall in front. Water tank 100 tons. Generators and pump are 30tons. Total 310 tons.
The carrier would be total 310 tons. The water tank is (?) so use two carriers. A driver will be surrounded by lead. Get closer to the fuel pool within 30m range. How can the worker in the cask make the water pipe reach to the pool?
Roughly a little over 2 billion yen. Going up 30 m, and bring a 100 kg pipeline to the above the pool. It is like a student robot contest. We can overcome this with experts in this field.
The Carrier/Cask Handling System, in front of 300 tons (about 2 billion yen) of machines, place 2m thick wall and ceiling with lead and concrete blocks, build rails to the specified place in 5m/h. It’s like trench battles in Japanese-Russo war, but this time we consider workers safety first. We can declare safe in 3 days.

This is a rough translation, and I’m not a expert on this kind of stuff. So, some parts might be inaccurate. I will update when he updates on Twitter when possible.

At the moment, at least two Diet members are communicating with him, and an upper house member Ryuhei Kawada submitted the ex-engineer’s proposal to Yukio Edano, the Chief Cabinet of Secretary.

I’m posting this because some people in the international community might find this useful and possible could help.