Proposal transaltion 1525

Yuzo Uehara’s proposal (tweet 1525)


(rough translation)
1525: Because lead blocks placed inside of the culvert unit, if it were extended to 250m, it would reach to the high radiation point, and there would be a small space left for workers passing through. The top part is 1m thick lead wall; and manhole, pipelines, and ventilation are installed in the center part for penetration. (cont.)


Proposal transaltion 1505

Yuzo Uehara’s proposal (tweet 1505)

福島原発への提言1505;プール等に近づくほど高高線量。内側幅2m高さ2m長さ3m厚さ15センチのコンクリートカルバートユニット。目的まで一 つ一つ300m延ばしていく。内部は配管と電気ケーブル敷設。放射線に対して厚さたらぬから鉛ブロックを内部にはるように積む。

1505: Closer to the pool, higher radiation. Concrete culvert unit, inside 2m wide, 2m high, 3m long, and 15cm thick. Extend to 300m one by one to the point. Pipes and electronic cables will be placed inside. Since it’s not enough to protect from radiation, place lead blocks inside.

Ex-engineer’s proposal to avoid the catastrophe

In Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant, the plant’s workers, Self Defense Force, and the police are risking their lives to cool down the reactors.

In order to avoid the catastrophe, an ex-nuclear plant designer with 30-year-experience named Yuzo Uehara is proposing his idea on Twitter (

Here’s what he has proposed:

The Carrier/Cask Handling System: the cask is big enough for 5 people. 100 ton water tank. The vehicle with a water canon. A small generator and pump/hose. Fire ladder trucks. A large carrier. Bank protection creasing or from the land. Get closer to the fuel pool and work.
When radiation drops, make a culvert as an accessing pathway with lead lining. At the same time, we work on very high radiation pool. Inside the 100 tons cask, place 80 tons 2m thick lead and concrete wall in front. Water tank 100 tons. Generators and pump are 30tons. Total 310 tons.
The carrier would be total 310 tons. The water tank is (?) so use two carriers. A driver will be surrounded by lead. Get closer to the fuel pool within 30m range. How can the worker in the cask make the water pipe reach to the pool? Continue reading